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Listed below is airline data on cheap Firefly flights from Singapore. For cheap flights and Firefly airline tickets try your search below.


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Firefly - Flight Routes


RouteStopoverFlight Time (Approx)* Carriers
Singapore to KuantanDirect 0 hours 34 mins  Firefly - AT7
Singapore to Kuala LumpurDirect 0 hours 38 mins  Firefly - AT7
Singapore to IpohDirect 0 hours 48 mins  Firefly - AT7
Singapore to Malacca Kuala Lumpur 460 kmsFirefly
Singapore to Kuala Lumpur Kuantan 481 kmsFirefly
Singapore to Ipoh Kuala Lumpur 504 kmsFirefly
Singapore to Kuantan Kuala Lumpur 534 kmsFirefly
Singapore to Kerteh Kuala Lumpur 597 kmsFirefly
Singapore to Penang Kuala Lumpur 615 kmsFirefly
Singapore to Johor Bahru Kuala Lumpur 624 kmsFirefly
Singapore to Pekanbaru Kuala Lumpur 633 kmsFirefly
Singapore to Kuala Terengganu Kuala Lumpur 640 kmsFirefly
Singapore to Kuala Lumpur Ipoh 649 kmsFirefly
Singapore to Penang Kuantan 650 kmsFirefly
Singapore to Medan Kuala Lumpur 659 kmsFirefly
Singapore to Kota Bahru Kuala Lumpur 684 kmsFirefly
Singapore to Alor Setar Kuala Lumpur 699 kmsFirefly
Singapore to Batam Kuala Lumpur 699 kmsFirefly
Singapore to Pulau Kuala Lumpur 745 kmsFirefly
Singapore to Medan Ipoh 773 kmsFirefly
Singapore to Ko Samui Kuala Lumpur 1068 kmsFirefly
Singapore to Kuala Lumpur Pekanbaru 597 kmsSilkAir, Firefly
Singapore to Pulau Penang 732 kmsAirAsia, Firefly
Singapore to Kota Bahru Penang 845 kmsAirAsia, Firefly
Singapore to Penang Pulau 858 kmsSilkAir, Firefly
Singapore to Medan Penang 865 kmsAirAsia, Firefly
Singapore to Kuala Lumpur Penang 882 kmsAirAsia, Firefly
Singapore to Penang Medan 903 kmsSilkAir, Firefly
Singapore to Ipoh Medan 931 kmsSilkAir, Firefly
Singapore to Kuala Lumpur Medan 963 kmsSilkAir, Firefly
Singapore to Kuantan Penang 969 kmsAirAsia, Firefly
Singapore to Phuket Penang 983 kmsAirAsia, Firefly
Singapore to Malacca Medan 1063 kmsSilkAir, Firefly
Singapore to Kuala Lumpur Pulau 1137 kmsSilkAir, Firefly
Singapore to Banda Aceh Penang 1141 kmsAirAsia, Firefly




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Xiamen Airlines
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SriLankan Airlines
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* indirect routes with stopovers outside Singapore








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